I was very disappointed with the programming on this app. I expected funny & entertaining shows. What I got was excessive foul language, bad story lines & a depressed feeling after viewing. Doom Patrol, for example, is the champion of lousy story lines. I shiver to think what nightmare lingers in the heads of the writers, but I sincerely hope they consider retirement & therapy! People want to be entertained. We want to escape life’s negativity, not pay a monthly fee to watch it in our spare time. Keep your negative nightmares! I’ll keep my money & time.


I can see Doom Patrol not being everybody’s cup of tea, but don’t give up yet! Stargirl and Harley Quinn might be more your speed when they premiere.


Oh my… if you don’t like it don’t watch it.


I imagine that Doom Patrol isnt for everyone. But I think it is particularly light in terms of vibe even though it is a mature show, I cant imagine watching it and feeling depressed.

I think its great.


Yea, Doom Patrol is a crazy and mature show. Personally I think the complexities of the characters and their inner demons juxtaposed to the zaniness of the writing makes for an interesting show. If you’re looking for something more family friendly but equally as compelling, you should check out some of the animated series’ that are on the app! Batman the Animated Series is great, and so is Young Justice. Hope you find something that is more your taste :smiley:


Uhhh stargirl and Harley Quinn are coming up plus young justice


This “If you don’t like it don’t watch it” statement is really annoying lol. It’s not a fair statement to make. There’s really nothing new to watch on this other than Young Justice and Titans. Our Media Library is a bit lacking with new content as well as recently new but old content. But we’re barely in our first year… So I’ll shutup about that…

But I can understand Minimuffin’s concern & feeling slightly betrayed. Betrayed by the desire to watch fresh and new content that may not equate to the innocent broadcasting we were all used at a young age. I personally am not the greatest fan here when it comes to Doom Patrol. The story is a bit lacking for my taste as well. But I just continue to watch it because I started something and I want to see it to the end regardless of how I feel about it. And also because there’s nothing here to watch that I haven’t already seen three times over before this app.

A lot of people who join are paying for the new content more than the old content. I don’t like reading, comic books off of my phone. But it doesn’t mean its not a cool feature! I’m mostly still here because of the community forum and the occasional nostalgic high I get from this app.

Quite frankly I believe you control would be a much better and walkable program without the Overflow of cursing and a number of other things that I believe will be controversial to discuss about. But that’s just my opinion.

Doom Patrol would be****

We all have different ideas of what’s entertaining.

IMO, Batman: The Brave & The Bold is great, fun, whimsical comics entertainment. Young Justice is lighter in seasons one and two, season three is a bit more serious dealing with meta-human trafficking, but still “family friendly” for those 13 and over.

As for new live-action shows, yes they have been darker and more adult thematically & language wise. This is something a large portion of “hardcore” fan base had ask for.

Some of the docos are good, I find them entertaining but thought provocative.

20,000 comics are on the service, with a goodly supply of Silver Age, and newer fun entertaining comics like Snagglepuss and Tiny Titans.

If people (yourself include) were looking for a Netflix type, mostly video streaming service, I can see how that could be a disappointment.

While I have no interest in Swamp Thing, having been said it is a more “horror” style, I’ll probably pass on that. However I am quite looking forward to Stargirl and Harley Quinn. Original shows take time and money to produce. It does seem that DCU have committed sizable resources to its new show production (those likely cost 1-2 million to produce each episode)

DCU is a fairly young service. I know they are working on creating a “parental controls” ability. The thought after that is implemented is we might see lighter, fun, whimsical fair.

Right now it is, as DCU states is an over 18 designed service.

If it is not to your taste, so be it. Take your media dollars and leave. Perhaps, based on your post, it’s content is not for you. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t use my media dollars for HBO.

With different options of media and types on the service it might not be for you, either now,!or in the future. If you are willing to understand that it is a new and growing service, perhaps keeping the faith and making your voice heard, of which you are not alone, can help balance content over time. I don’t find YJ, Titans or Doom Patrol any less serious or expletive ridden than the Marvel content from Netflix.

DCU is not for everyone, but no streaming service is. That is a call only you can make. Leave or stay, such is life and content delivery services. When I join an estabilishing service I know everything is not going to be for me. But, ( and people may forget this) but neither was Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu when they first started either)

IMO, (to use a silicone valley style definition) right now the service is for explorers, eventually it will become for settlers, and once the pioneers & settlers have built the towns and cities, general populations will move here. Which category you fall in at what time is who you are relative to the environment.

If you choose to leave, so be it. Hopefully you will try it again after the service has had time to grow and expand. If you want to have your voice heard more clearly, stick around. A smaller set of voices has a greater chance of impact when a service is smaller.

In whatever you choose, I wish you well.

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While free to share your opinion, please note our topic posting guidelines which to “Please use a descriptive title”. Examples include:

“Why are these shows so sad?”
“Do you think these downer stories are entertaining?”

This is an effective and clear way to start a conversation. Thank you!


Fortunately, DCUniverse has a trial period so anybody wanting to check it out can do so.


(I know I was a helpy dork in this thread already but every time I see the title I think of this)

Crap. Crap! Crap. Crap.


@Maddox what do you mean “if you don’t like it don’t watch it” isn’t a fair statement?! If it is ok to say I don’t want to see dark, violent, shows with offensive language, then wouldn’t it also be fair to say no PG programming should be allowed.

After all, some folks like light breezy happy films, others prefer violent grittier shows. This is the reason I don’t watch the Arrowverse shows on CW. They are so happy and fluffy that they bore me to death. However you won’t see me running around screaming it’s not fair. I just don’t watch it. Those shows are made for kids and families. Not for me. And that is fine.

Batman 89, Doom Patrol, Titans, B v S, Watchmen these types of shows are made for an audience that enjoy “nightmare shows”. I watch them and I love them. But I don’t crap on CW or any other shows like it. I just don’t watch it. Not my taste, not for me, and that is ok.
There’s a TON of happy, fluffy, breezy shows on this app made for you and McMuffin up there and only a few for folks like me.

What you are saying is “I’m so selfish and inconsiderate that if I don’t like something it shouldn’t be allowed. Everyone else can sit on a tack! I’m more important than anyone and I know what is best for everyone.” That is not FAIR!

So, in the interest of fairness, if you don’t like it don’t watch it. It’s simple and it’s fair.


FYI, these episodes are not too far off from the source material. The show’s writers are translating into their vision often far more coherently than was in the comics. And, I think the show is genius.


I think anyone coming to DCU still in it’s first year (and probably for a year or two beyond) thinking "it’s going to be content volume the likes of CW arrowverse, plus animation series and films. Currently they are likely to be disappointed.

Is all the cursing on Titans and DP “necessary”, probably not, but, some is used very situationally appropriate. In a new service there is always the question of how far can we push it. What are things we would like to do, but, couldn’t on a “broadcast type” network like CW?

I think the CW has done the best at creating LBGTQ+ inclusive characters. From that context, I would disagree with “fluffy”. They are making greater strides in a different direction than the current known DCU exclusive shows.

DiDio has said not everything will appeal to everybody and DC knows that and is OK with that.

I’m looking forward to Stargirl and hope that it is a lighter, more fun tone. It would add balance to the current known roster of shows. Swampy don’t do a thing for me and I probably won’t watch it. (Maybe the first episode or two to see if it grabs me, but, I’m not holding my breath it will.)

“if you don’t like it don’t watch it” and “if the service is of value to your media dollars, good-bye and wish you well”. Both of those are “fair” comments., IMO. To each their own. There are people I know I would/have recommended the service to, and others I have not, based on what I know about their media habits.

DCU is not for everybody. It is great for some, and as we see in the initial post, not great for others. C’est le vie.


Doom Patrol is awesome. You can say it’s not your cup of tea, but it’s not bad just because it’s negative. It’s succeeding brilliantly at what it wants to do.


DC and other comic book type media already has a lot of feel-good stuff. There are books/shows/movies geared for kids all the time… They are for entertainment, they would seem to fit what you’re looking for. Just because there are more mature titles coming out, a change from the regular stuff, doesn’t mean you still can’t have your light-hearted stuff. Mature, intelligent shows are entertainment too, just a different kind. They address the emotional and sophisticated side of things, and I appreciate it. Not everything needs to be G rated.

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Also… the foul language in Doom Patrol is handled well, I think.
Each character has their own individual threshold of how often they would use an expletive.

Cliff would be at 5/5. He was a typical greasemonkey/race car driver/adrenaline junkie. He has a hair-trigger for cussing. It’s part of his character.
Jane would be a 4/5. If only because her personalities each range differently. Hammerhead would be a 5, while Baby Doll would be a 1 (or less, if possible).
Rita would be a 3/5. She’s been known to cuss but only under extreme duress. This is my level, as well.
Larry and Vic appear to be around 2/5. They don’t cuss very often. But Larry keeps himself bottled up and doesn’t express himself much to the others and Vic has been keeping himself composed.


^ @LeonardoMyst - very good point. I love that the show doesn’t try to push the envelope for no reason. Every character could cuss all the time, but they don’t because it’s not in their character. I’ve noticed that Vic seems to censor himself the most, he’d say “BS” instead of using the full word, etc. You explained it perfectly. The show will go there to tell the story, but nothing is done just because it’s edgy.


I would argue that the most mature and intelligent show on DCU is Batman: The Brave and The Bold. It is both “kid-friendly” and “mature, adult, & sophisticated content”. It works on multiple levels and in ways that would make Ionesco, Sartre, G.B. Shaw, and the Marx Brothers proud. Titans, Doom Patrol, and from what I’ve seen of the ST trailers ONLY work on the “mature” level. One needn’t have the ability to drop f-bombs to be mature.