court of owls

i just read the whole court and night of owls storyline and i thought it was awesome what do guys think?


I like the core storyline. Actually, I absolutely love it! It’s one of my favorite Batman stories of all time! I don’t think it needed to be turned into an event though. The tie ins seemed a bit pointless and felt like they only excited to protect the story from retcons.


It’s a lesser rehash of Batman RIP, and it’s set far too late in Batman’s career to be plausible as presented. If DC had actually rebooted their universe properly (that is, if Batman were actually in his 5th year without all of the pre-Flashpoint continuity baggage that’s implied with the presence of four Robins), then maybe the main conceit of the arc wouldn’t be so dubious. As it stands, the story makes Batman look utterly incompetent.

I heard somewhere it was originally supposed to be about Dick’s Batman but then the New 52 happened. I’m honestly surprised they managed to pull it off in light of having to change Batmen while keeping their original plan (though the maybe maybe not brother thing was stupid and what was the point when they just brought back actual Owlman later anyway?).