Countdown to Free Comic Book Day 5/4/19

On May 4th, your Local Comic Book Store will have lots of free comics!

I’m looking forward to The Year of the Villain #1 in particular.

What are you looking forward to on FCBD?


13 days to go!

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My store has some fantastic sales listed for that day too. Planning on taking advantage and completing some of my collections.

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It’s funny I have been collecting since I was eight and have managed to miss free comic book day. I will make an extra effort to go this year.


I love Free Comic Book day, if I am not working I always hit as many comic stores as I can, used to be a tradition with my nephew. Should see if he wants to do it again for old times.


@dan Do it! Any excuse to be with family is a great excuse!


Just a matter of if he wants to go. And if I will gave to work.

The Year of The Villain one-shot looks very interesting. I’m excited for it!


I do worry that DC Nation #0 was too fragmented and that Year of The Villain will feel the same.

12 days to go!

Actually being able to participate this year – past couple of years I always worked mid-shift, and this year I’ll be more morning, so I might be able to drive up there and they might still have some stuff left!

@Jay Kay My first FCBD was last year!

(Also thanks DCU for the Trending choice!)

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Sadly, I can’t shop on the Sabbath, so I’ve never had the chance to go to a FCBD.

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Maybe ask a friend to pick up some stuff for you?

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Another year another comic!!!

Free comic day? Do all comic shops participate?

Yes and everymajor publisher too

@noblenaz13.19347 All comic shops, and if you live in an area with more then one comic shop feel free to stop by all of them and pick up different free comics, what everyone else does. Most shops have sales and other special events at the time. It is a fun time to be had by all.

And @HubCityQuestion, sorry to hear about that but respect you honoring your faith.

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Im diabled an not sure ill be able to make it. But man i will so be there if i can.

11 days to go!