Countdown to Death Metal

DC Death Metal
Begins June 17th, 2020.

That’s Wonder Woman yielding a chain saw! A CHAIN SAW!!!

Do I really need to go on?


And thats The Batman Who Laughs’s skull hanging from her belt. SOLD!!

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Okay, what is the reading order for these events
I started reading the first Metal even where Batman who Laughed first shows up, but what do I read next?


Batman Who Laughs next. Then all of Justice League. And if your able Hell Arisen and Batman/Superman by Joshua Williamson.

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@Timberfire117 got it.

Got it! Thanks so much! That’s very helpful.

Here for this! I’m a sucker for the big events… Bring on the Foil covers, crossovers, and variants! :raised_hands:t2::nerd_face:

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