Countdown to CW WORLD'S FINEST

Counting today, its 7 Days until–

Supergirl - Season Premiere
Batwoman - Season Premiere



I didn’t know it was so close UARRRR we need to figure out watchalongs!

Can’t wait for Batwoman!! :smiley::smiley::+1:t4::+1:t4:

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Counting today, 5 days until World’s Finest!

(As for WAL’s, it looks like JLWWSM has it covered-- in 6 days-- on the CW App!)

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Dun nuh nuh dun nuh nuh Leader! I mean, World’s Finest!

A fitting tie-in read would be the Elseworlds Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl one-shot, which is available in our library.

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3 days!

(add a day for JLSMWW’s WATCH-ALONG!)

4 days to Black Lightning!

5 Days till the Flash!

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The saga begins


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I’m so excited!

*adds a day cause I will watch on Monday

So proud that this year (season) of the Arrowverse is being kicked off with Batwoman.

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(and Monday Night for the CW app WAL!)

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Sundays are my Friday nights now, got like 12 excitebikes ready to go, can’t wait

Tonight is the night!!

The premiere of BATWOMAN!
The season premiere of SUPERGIRL!
If you are Nielsen Families, you are compelled to watch! Look into the ruby ring of the Misfit! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Otherwise, we recommend the WAL’s hosted by the one, the only JLSWWMM!!! on the CW APP on Monday Night, the 7th of October, in the year of 2019!

I’ll probably watch tonight (without the monster Nielson!), and then check in during the Watch-Alongs tomorrow–

But watching both nights is always an option!


Monday on the CW - BLACK LIGHTNING! Tuesday on the CW app!
Tuesday on the CW - THE FLASH! Wednesday on the CW app!

And on Friday - TITANS, right here on the DCU!


Tonight’s loaded with new TV newness:

-The Simpsons
-Family Guy
-The Walking Dead
-Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

It’s a Fall TV season Festivus miracle!


Oop, forgot one.

nudges Sunday Night Football onto his list