Could We at Least Get the Last 6 Episodes of Swamp Thing?

I know I have been vocal about this, but it was because the show is so good. Even if we can’t get a season 2 could you at least have finished out the season with those last 6 episodes?

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Granted that would be great, but a lot of the actors have moved and the sets have been dismantled and possibly destroyed.

You never know, but at this moment it’s sadly unlikely

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As @superby1 said

The sets have been.destroyed

Also the writers were informed beforehand that the series would only be ten episodes and condensed the story line within those limits.

Everyone on.the show knew there might not be a season 2 and acted accordingly

Swamp.Thing might appear as a member of Justice League Dark in the HBO.Max series of the same name.

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I thought the original episode order was for 13, not 16, in Season One. Must’ve misread it somewhere. :man_shrugging:t5:

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I know some said 13 and other said 16. I get the set has been destroyed but it would still be nice. It is just one of those shows I have a hard time letting go of. Kind of how people feel about firefly. I know it is a pipe dream but I feel it doesn’t hurt to ask now and again.


Definitely enjoyed this show. I haven’t watched Swamp Thing yet. Hadn’t watched Doom Patrol either, but saw the first couple episodes of season one and enjoyed it. Going to continue watching those and work into season 2. I probably won’t get caught up before it’s over, but will try.

What’s your favorite season 1 episode of Swamp Thing?

The reason they went down from 13 to 10 is that production company had spent the budget. Their episodes were coming in at roughly 8 million per episode. 80 million budget, it’s easy math. WB wasn’t gonna pony up an additional 24 million. Swamp Thing was good, but not 8 million an episode good. And until Covid hit, it had very little international distribution. WB/DC lost a packet on that show. Don’t go throwing good money after bad, it’s bad for business.


I’m pretty sure the producers condensed the remaining story into the last couple of episodes, so there wouldn’t be three (or six) more scripts to film even if there weren’t technical and financial barriers stopping them from doing so. I have no doubt there were story elements that got cut for time, but my guess is the season ended about where they intended it to — we just got there a little faster than planned.


Sorry I have been off for so long. Real life got crazy. Favorite episode is the last episode. I feel like that is where you could really have seen the show take off with the villains vs superhero style arch.


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