Could There Be a DC Videogame Multiverse?

I am just thinking…there is Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. But where would Gotham Knights go in its sequel (assuming it is successful enough to warrant one)? It may be kind of a “lonely” experience for the game developers to have their videogame be in a permanently separate space from the Arkhamverse games.

I think the Suicide Squad will not just function as a Suicide Squad game/quasi-Arkham Knight sequel, but is also a pilot test for bringing the non-Batman Justice League members to a (serious) videogame. For example, Superman would be a challenging character to have an entire videogame devoted to (one hit knock-outs for all minor bad guys and many major villains). However, I can see Flash have his own videogame. And The Flash has enough of a rogues gallery to have his own videogame followed by a bridge between Gotham Knights and the Suicide Squad game.

I just don’t know what other games could be included in a DC videogame multiverse, since many of other DC video games are based on cartoons, movie, and LEGO (not that that’s a bad thing, it would just make a crossover silly). I guess there can be a multiverse with the Injustice games, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC universe, and DC Universe Online.

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I figure every version of any DC property out there is already part of the Multiverse. So, somewhere out there is a DC Lego Universe, etc.

So…yes! :grin:


I think it would be cool but I would rather not see a Superman or flash game. Imagine how cool a green arrow game would be. It would be like comic book green arrow witty and all. And you could have a cycle wheel where you can pick arrows


I would like a Green Arrow game as well, but I cannot imagine a huge rogues gallery for a Green Arrow game. There is Merlyn, Komodo, Brick, Cupid, China White…I guess they can pull some villains from other DC stories, though. And there is a good heroes roster, like Black Canary, White Canary, Red Arrow, Speedy, and the future Green Arrow.

Would love to see a Green Arrow game based on the TV series, but know that will never happen in the PS5 era (maybe in the PS2 era it would have happened).