Could the Joker movie win a Oscar?

After the recent trailer for the Joker movie, I thought to myself: This looks really good. The movie is supposed to be going into the Jokers/Arthur’s mind. This movie looks like a fantastic film which could catch non comic fans eyes. Thoughts?


I am hyped for this flick. I like the idea of a psychological drama surrounding the clown. I hope it has all the success a movie can get!

Yes, it very well could be a contender for Oscars. There are not a lot of good quality movies these days. Marvel movies are not Oscar worthy or Disney movies in general.


It looks good, but I doubt it. Superhero movies are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to contending for oscars. I would love to be surprised on this though :slight_smile:

Those trailers always get ya

This isn’t a superhero movie. This will be a movie about a man losing his mind. If you go into this thinking it’s your average superhero movie I think you will be disappointed.

Joker looks good, but I don’t see anything in the trailers that looks like it’d hook the AMPAS into hook-shotting an Oscar towards the movie.

Oh, what does look Oscar worthy for best actor? I would say DiCaprio for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Don’t be surprised if Joaquin Phoenix gets nominated. Obviously I have not seen the movie, but the guy lost a ton of weight and is a terrific actor.

People are talking about Robert Downey Jr performance in Endgame being nominated, that to me is hilarious.

And there already is Oscar buzz. This isn’t isolated just to these community threads.

Maybe… But not exactly excited about it. This could be about any random guy going insane. They just happened to slap make up on him.

Judging from the thread on the Batman: Hush animated movie, many of you will not like this movie. It won’t comic book accurate.

Consider it a rip off of the King of Comedy, I doubt it.

I hope Joker gets a nod if it’s deserving of it, but the Oscar folks just love to ignore quality genre entertainment.

They do seem to love bio-pics, costume/period pieces and movies full of people yelling at each other though.


I have got to rent that movie, The King of Comedy. I’m a big Robert Deniro fan and cannot wait for the Irishman movie in December.

Excuse me, November.

I really don’t see the draw of the Joker in that film. The fun of the Joker is NOT knowing his origin story. Even in the comics we don’t know.

We have conjecture and theories, but no proof.

This whole film just misses the point.

I mean, technically speaking, Suicide Squad won an Oscar. So anything’s possible.


Heath Ledger won an Oscar, for his portrayal as…the Joker.

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The trailers certainly look interesting, and I’m thrilled beyond words that they’re not simply regurgitating the Red Hood origin, but time will tell. As previously stated, genre entertainment is often ignored by the mainstream. At any rate, just enjoy seeing another one of the Joker’s multiple choice pasts.