Could Swamp Thing and Blue Devil launch a series of one season shows?

Everyone knows that “Swamp Thing” only had one season. And, it introduced Blue Devil. Would anyone else be interested in a Blue Devil show?

Beyond that, what if it was only for one season and someone else would be introduced in that Blue Devil show? This could start a series of one season (10 episode) shows. Each of them introducing the next character to star in a show. This could also establish a line up if characters that could appear in other DC Universe shows (even if for just one episode).

Would this concept appeal to anyone? If so, what characters would you like to see introduced, and when?

Swamp Thing -> Blue Devil -> ???


Yes, that’s exactly what they should do.

Not sure it wouldn’t run into the same problems Swamp Thing did, but I do like the idea. I visualized given how it ended Blue Devil being a show about Dan Cassidy traveling the country being drawn to supernatural dangers (he had that weirdness magnet thing in the comics for a time), which would be the perfect opportunity to introduce someone else. I am not big on supernatural characters, so not sure who to do but Dr. Fate, Specter, and Zatanna are the three that come to mind. Zatanna especially could be worked in.

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Given the massive financial losses WB/DCU Originals took on Swamp Thing, I’m guessing it’s not likely. The premise is interesting, but I think financial conservatism for anything associated to ST is gonna take a while to work it’s way out of the financial corporate consciousness.

I’d wager that Stargirl has more consumer recognition than Blue Devil and that’s gonna matter too. The trick is doing DC Originals that will be picked up for international distribution. Depending on the response to Stargirl, I could see involving the JSA in her story arc, and then Doug an anthology series with various solo adventures of JSA members would be the better call.

Dont think there is a huge outcry for Blue Devil

Dont think there is a huge outcry for Blue Devil

Way to pull a FOX Firefly with Swamp Thing.
It was such a good start to a great story.