Could Someone Help Give Me Some Clarification On The Current Batman Titles?

Ok, due to money issues I mostly stopped reading montly comic book titles, and stuck to trades and archival issues on here. But now that DCUI is only a month behind the comic shops I want to get back into reading titles montly (obviously still a month behind on DCUI but compared to six months that is baically staying caught up).

But I am a bit overwhelmed by all the Batman titles. I like Batman a lot, but I am Batman Incorporated, Batman Incorporated, I am Batman, Batman: Urban Legends, Batman: Legends of Gotham… it seemingly goes on forever.

I was wondering if someone who keeps up could help me out. I obviously am familiar with Batman and Detective (and liking the new storyling they just started in Batman) and Batman/Superman: World’s Finest is self explanitory what that is. But any chance someoen or multiple somes could tell me what the difference is between the other currently ongoing Batman titles. And possibly which ones are in current continuity, which if any are Elseworld or the like and at least as far as getting updated in the current going on’s with the Batman family could be put on the backburner.

Also if it is helpful (or not) I am not planning to start at issue 1 with any of these unless they are only a few issues in. Just going to go back to the current storyline and go from there (and if then intriuged might go further back) as I don’t have time to read every issue of all these series.

Appreciate any help anyone could give me.


Batman The Adventures Continues Season 3 just started with #2 probably be out this month, next month on Ultra, and there’s Batman Audio Adventures, & The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries. Hope that help.:slightly_smiling_face:

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The titles you mentioned are all meant to be in the main continuity. Legends of Gotham is a one-shot that ties into Lazarus Planet and Urban Legends just ended, though I’d definitely recommend the last 4 issues of the latter for a great story involving Thomas and Martha. I am Batman is focusing on Jace, though it still feels separate since he’s now operating in New York and thus there isn’t much involvement from other Batman characters. Batman Inc. involves Ghost-Maker and Clownhunter leading the new group, but I haven’t read that title since I’m not really a fan of either character


Ok I assumed it was set in the future state timeline. So there are two characters operating under the name Batman?


maybe 3 bec there is a chinese batman. There is also a chinese flash avery ho so there are lots of flashes too. Chinese superman is in action comics.


It definitely makes Jace feel less special when their is multiple Batmen out there doesn’t it?

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I had forgotten the Chinese Superman I did know about that one. THere are multiple Flash and Green Lanterns so I guess it is not that out of the ordinary. Just feels weird having more than one Superman (although Jon Kent is a great character) and more than one Batman. Just feels weird with those two to have people using the same name simultanously.


I haven’t followed Detective lately, but Batman 125 is a good place to jump in. It’s the beginning of Chip Zdarsky’s run.

You might want to flip through Catwoman 50-51 and Nightwing 97-100, too, for Bat-verse plotlines that have wrapped up recently.