Could I BE Any More DC?

So, I’m sitting here in my Flash T-Shirt and Superman Pajama Pants, waiting for the Supergirl and Batwoman season finales to finish recording. In order to pass the time, I’m playing a little DC Universe Online (the new Birds of Prey Episode is pretty fun) as I daydream about how awesome the Stargirl premiere will be tomorrow. I have the John Williams Superman soundtrack playing in the background, and I have the DC Universe Community section open on my computer so that I can catch up on important threads during loading screens. Nearby, an assortment of the new DC McFarlane action figures look down on me from my DC Archives shelf, wondering when I’ll have time to play with them again. My BTAS Heroclix figures answer: probably not soon.

I ask you (in my best Chandler Bing voice): Could I BE any more DC?

How 'bout you? :smiley:




Binging BTAS and Harley Quinn. Getting the rest of my comic collection in order. Starting to get back into some old Batman and Superman stories that I haven’t read in awhile.

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