Could DC Universe air Fan-made Films?

With DC as an all-inclusive fan site, a video archive and streaming platform, Does anyone think that one day the site could host fan-made videos, films, and/or animations of DC properties?
People are always making content of what they enjoy, and the site would be a pretty decent place to put them.
The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special, Batman: Dead End, Dark Justice, The Death of a Batman, Grayson, World’s Finest, Robin’s Big Date, Catwoman: Nine Lives, Patient J, Batman Legends, Joker, Catwoman: Diamond Exchange, Wonder Woman: Balance of Power, Catwoman: Resolution, The Dark Knight Project, Batman: Ashes to Ashes, City of Scars, Mr.J, The Knight Waltz, Die Laughing, Superman: Requiem, Seeds of Arkham, The Death and Return of Superman, The Batman, Batman Revealed, Batman: Death Wish, Puppet Master, Batgirl: Spoiled, Just, Kingdom Come, Two Face’s Revenge, Last Son, Joker Rising, Grayson: Earth One, Sandman 24 hour diner, and Harry Partridge’s Saturday Morning Watchmen Parody Cartoon.


As cool of an idea as that is, there’d probably be alot of legal red tape to navigate through.

Same reason why DC doesn’t accept fan ideas or submissions.