Could Batman Wield all the different lantern rings

I feel like he could lol, he’s a rly angry dude, hence Red, He’s willful, Green, He’s literally fear, yellow, and White and Black r a little more logistical, but I the only I feel like no r the blue and orange.

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In Green Lantern vol. 4 #9, Hal lets Batman wield the ring, telling him that in order to make it work, he has to overcome great fear. Which ultimately results in the ring asking Batman to get over his parents’ death. The ring wants Bruce to put that horrible night behind him.
But he can’t. He doesn’t want to. For although there is plenty of willpower within Batman, the core thing that drives him is the fear of what happened to him happening to someone else. The fear of not being good enough, prepared enough. The fear of not doing enough. The fear of failing another person.
And for that reason, Batman isn’t totally suited to wielding a Green Lantern ring. He couldn’t wield a Sinestro Corps ring either, mind you. Partly by choice, but also because those rings can detect trace GL ring energy from the last time Batman had a GL ring. A security measure against GLs getting a yellow ring.


He used :Green, Yellow and White. And his corps used black

He ended up okay using the yellow ring during forever evil, albeit short lived since it didn’t have much juice left. But each time he’s worn a ring, it’s been pretty rad. He also did an elseworlds bit where he wore a green ring just fine, but I didn’t find that particular stuff all that great. It seemed to take away from several of the things that made Batman great.

Definitely not orange. He is too philanthropic.