Costume Talk

So they are costumes and not uniforms? :slight_smile:

Fav has been mentioned but I like the new 52 underwear less look.

Least has also been mentioned nightwings first costume. Just odd.


Touché. The way I view it, neither, really. When I think “uniform” I think a group of people wearing the same thing. Cops, students, etc. “Costume” makes me think Halloween. I guess “suits” would be more appropriate? Costume is the one I see used most often though. Go figure :slightly_smiling_face:.


Has this never been mentioned in the comics? Has anyone said, lets go change into our ________" (fill in the blank). Seems like it would have been addressed at least once.

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I’ve always thought the original Golden Age costume was great, particularly the skirt.


And how about this adorable winter ensemble?

I understand that they needed to make sales so this kind of thing happened, but as nice as she would look on the beach, this is not a comfortable outfit to wear while bringing peace and justice to man’s world.

Have to agree with @SWhite that the new look is great. Functional Amazon armor with no worries about it riding up uncomfortably, which is important.


I really started reading comics in the 90’s when male costumes were leather jackets and pockets and pouches everywhere and female costumes were dental floss. Sometimes I go back to old issues and can’t believe the lack of clothing.