Have you ever been to a convention? If so, what are some stories you have? At one convention I met a kid that moved to my school about a week ago, but I was in cosplay so he didn’t recognize me.

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That sounds cool. One time I was cosplaying as Harley Quinn but in lingerie, and a bunch of teenage boys wanted their pictures taken with me!:joy:


I have been to a lot of local conventions here in Oklahoma City and around… for a few years I was even a dealer at them. But sadly I don’t have the money or time to travel much.

I feel like I should have some interesting stories but don’t really. The only real one is my brother came by for a couple hours to check out the conventions… wanted to go to a panel so he dropped off my nephew while we went who was about six at the time. And he was treated to arguably the most colorful people to visit my booth. Some kind of pirate cosplay group was there and one of them came down and my nephew at the time loved pirates and had a lot of fun learning pirate phrases. After that a guy in another booth because he was cute came and dropped him off some free comics… so he loved that. Then a klingon came by and that fascinated him (for all I know he thought that was what the dude really looked like).

Then my favorite part… a girl came by with demon horns on and was wearing a VERY low cut top. My nephew point up and said “Are those real?”

I immediately said “DAVID!..” not his name but to avoid embarrassment I will say it is David… he then looket at me confused and slowly it clicked and I said “… you were… asking about the horns weren’t you?”

I was sure that I was in trouble after that, but thankfully she thought it was hilarious… probably should have tried to get her phone number and could have ended it with “and that kids is the story of how I met your mother”

Then to top it off a guy with Griffon puppet on his shoulder came by. I had talked to him earlier and knew his puppet had a device that made him control it with his hands down low, so it looked like it was moving on it’s own. Had him convinced it was real… probably lucky that story doesn’t end with “and that is why my nephew grew up to resent me for life”

When my brother came back he begged to stay with me… but despite the cute story he was VERY high maitenence at the time so I was not big on the constant distraction all day (especially once he eventually got bored) and had to convince him there is no way he was going to be getting such fun visitors for the next five hours.

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