I’ve been a comic book fan for nearly 30 years but I’ve never gone to a single convention. I live in Illinois so I’m sure any decent con near me would be in Chicago but which one? I would also just like to hear everyone else’s experiences at conventions. Do’s and Don’ts or any other advice.

So the first few are no-brainers but worth saying.

  1. Good comfy shoes.
  2. Take a water bottle stay hydrated
  3. Pack a lunch. food/drinks are overpriced inside, food trucks are good though.
  4. Plan your panels visits in advance and know where they are. So just this past con I wanted to go to the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo pannel but for some reason they put it in the smallest room. So I sat through the last panel so I could get a good seat. It ended up being so packed they brought ppl up on stage to set in the seats while they stood and talk. Aw it was a good time.

Oh and cosplay is so much fun. Didn’t do it the first few years my self but then I was part of a group Mario theme and I will never not cosplay a con again its a whole other level of fun.