Death of Superman will be up for four weeks only. It probably won’t be up on the Fire tv or Fire tablet in time so I probably won’t be able to read it to my kids on the screen anyway - but that’s another issue.

Does continuity not matter to newer readers? In the Death to Return saga there’s an Australian Lex Luthor and Supergirl wasn’t Kryptonian, she was Matrix. I couldn’t fathom reading a story out of order in the hope that the Lex Luthor Jr story or the Matrix story would come later.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve avoided all the comics here because I don’t want to read a story that’s being fed to me and needs more context. I wish they just put stuff out in order. Even if they rotate it out in a month, at least if it’s in order my OCD overdrive wouldn’t kick in and I could read some of the stories here.


I feel you with the OCD overdrive and continuity. For example, I say the Impulse collection and went to find out exactly when in his continuity that happened. I saw that there was about a 10 issue story arc in Flash, starting somewhere around the 90+ issue. So, now I’m having a hard time reading that or Young Justice because my brain needs those previous Flash stories. It’s the biggest reason I haven’t jumped all over the Rebirth too. I’m trying really hard though to try new things, without annoying my OCD too much. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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