Constructive Criticism: Titans is too Dark

Not too adult or gritty or bloody or sweary or depressing or violent or anything like that. Dark.

It seems to me that a lot of Titans’ scenes aren’t shot with quite enough lighting. There are times my screen gets so dark, I can’t SEE what’s going on. (And yes, I’ve adjusted the brightness.)

Now lot of shows (and movies) do this on purpose - and I understand how it adds tension, confusion, etc. But all it does is irritate me. Same way the music is sometimes too loud but the dialogue is too soft. I’m old and grumpy that way; I want to be able to see and hear my stories.

Love the show, by the way. Just a bit of feedback from a fan.


I have to agree. Titans is the first show where I’ve had to manual up the brightness on my TV just to see what was going on.

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I watch the show on my tablet and don’t even use full lighting. I see everything fine

It is visually dark for me too. I can’t watch it on my phone because it’s just too dark to see any details. When I watch at home on the Apple TV, I make sure all the lights are off in the room.

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I thought my tv was broken. Comics are bright. Other shows on DC were bright. But Titans is sooo dark at times I can’t see what’s going on in a fight scene. And it’s not all the time but the night scenes need better lighting and anything happening indoors was just way too dark.

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Honestly, they keep the fight scenes dark to hide bad choreography.

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Agreed. Glad I am not the only one. I spent 30 minutes screwing around with my picture settings before the Google search that brought me here. I am 41 and my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I hope someone out there can keep in mind there is an aging audience, that loves this content but can’t enjoy it if they can’t see it. And if I’m not enjoying a leisure activity, I’m just gonna move on. I have to ensure the apps I build for work provide a seamless experience for a variety of populations across a range of devices. It’s a complete headache at times, but it’s important. Being able to see the show I’m watching is important too, it’s not an audiobook :laughing:. Give us some lights please :grin:

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I thought it was the hdr. I feel like when I turn off the hdr, the picture gets a little brighter. In fact, all the dc shows feels like the brightness is down a tad.

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The show seems extremely reliant on natural lighting. I think this is a stylistic thing, so whether or not it’s a good thing is entirely up to the viewer and what device they’re watching on. I’d assume it’s use is meant for grounding the story. It may seem like a stupid, unimportant thing, but a lot of directors like using natural lighting when trying to ground some stories that are a little out there. The same tactic was used (and criticized by many) on Game of Thrones. I’m personally not sure where I land on it. I think it probably looks worse on older devices, but newer devices will be able to handle it well and as the years go by I’d rather it age so that the lighting isn’t too bright or weird later on. Idk, just kind of a personal preference thing.