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Hello again members of the @JSABookClub and welcome to our second September session. This session we have the first storyline of the JSA All Stars series, which was a spinoff series that happened after the JSA split up. This story is entitled Constellations and features a new team, an old enemy, a struggle for leadership between PG and Magog and a strange request from Johnny Sorrow. Let’s get going!


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What to Read

* JSA All Stars #1-6

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of this team and their dynamic?

  2. Seems Stargirl is unsure of herself and her purpose on the All Stars. She is also missing the JSA. Have you every felt the same way? What advice would you give her?

  3. What did you think of Magog here? Is he an effective leader? What did you think of his training regime?

  4. Do you think Johnny Sorrow has gone around the bend here?

5 How did you guys enjoy the Hourman and Liberty Belle feature?

  1. What about Sandy taking ownership of Sandman’s legacy?

And that’s all for this month folks. Next month we will be taking a look at more crossovers between the JSA and the JLA as well as more All Star Squadron. Hope to see you all there.


I consider this and the last storyline in regular Justice Society to be so bad its good. Granted the previous one has much superior artwork by Jesus Merino who also did Virtue and Vice (I wish we could do that one, but not on DCU).

Unlike most people I think it makes sense Star joined the All-Stars Team. For one Power Girl did recruit her, and Star knew the younger members needed her or this team has no chance.
For selfish reasons just look at the two issue storyline Jerry Ordway wrote. Power Girl supported her relationship with Atom Smasher, while the old men chased him away.
The final reason is that Star has always tried to be seen as an adult. Between them chasing Atom Smasher away from the kid and most of the people around her age leaving she would be back to being the baby of the team. Meanwhile on this team she basically been promised third in command (and basically second in command with Magog being Magog).

I wish they kept Cyclone’s hat. I am also bothered about how Stargirl acts throughout these two storylines about not being attacked. Sometimes she just stands there and other times she fights back anyway. That just puts more attention on why she is not just blasting every villain with the power of the stars.

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Did they get Artemis and Wildcat’s dialogue mixed up?

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Issue 1

Did Stargirl make herself a workout outfit themed around her suit, as everybody else looks like they just found something in their closets? I think that is in character.
I presume Magog inherited none of Roosevelt’s charisma.

I am convinced that Damage is going to have many broken bones after this. I presume Stargirl’s gymnastic training is how she is dominating the log wrestling.

As many criticisms as I have with this storyline the Sandman parts are great.

So Johnny Sorrow did not let anybody else “lay a finger” on Stargirl, but he is fine with Arthur doing that to her? Why then was Eclipso on the team? How is he supposed to resist laying a finger on her?

Issue 2
I find most of the internal dialogue is badly done, but plenty of the conversations work like when Star realizes her rescuers are actually villains.

Johnny, you do not want Stargirl dead. Then why did you bring in Shiv? All she does is try to kill her, and she has lost every single fight with her ever (yes, I checked her appearances list).

So Rex still has not fixed Matthew Tyler, but he made Roxy?

I am enjoying the Wizard this fight. Painfully killing your opponent is the evil way.
Anybody else notice Stargirl called Shiv old?
Imagine if they adapt this Johnny Sorrow storyline on the show.

If we are assigning team roles then Power Girl is dad, Stargirl is mom, Rex is awesome Grandpa, Rick is responsible uncle, and Magog is the wild college dormmate who has been “crashing at your house for the weekend” for years.

Issue 3
Why not just grab a random guy or (buy one from Pemberton) and sacrifice him/her.

Time to answer about Magog’s leadership. It is the type that reminds me of that boss that makes everybody wonder how he/she got the job in the first place. Just a loud voice who seems to have no idea what is going on.

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Issue 4
Poor Shiv, she actually thinks a pistol will work. I guess all those times her brain gut shut off has permanently damaged it. Shouldn’t Star be congratulating Wildcat and her kick boxing on teaching her to fight? It looked more like he made you all do push-ups.
Issue 5
Just pumping out a new character from nowhere.
I doubt this is the weirdest Stargirl has seen.
Issue 6
I think the writer ran out of jokes.
When Stargirl is in trouble from a villain who interested in her sexually it is always Sandy to the rescue. I presume this storyline will never be adapted into the show.
So they (at least here) never finished the Magog story, and I do not remember him being in the rest of the series.
So where exactly is Spectre in all of this?

Time to answer any questions I missed.

  1. I miss Johns.

  2. You are literally holding this entire team together. Without you they are doomed within 5 seconds.

  3. Answered. Guy is an idiot.

  4. No, he was always around the bend.

  5. Very bad. I can never actually finish it, and I have read this storyline 3 times now. It fits in terrible with Constellations, and I hate the reading style of doing two at once. In addition I really dislike both Jesse and married Rick. Terrible match for me.

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