Anyone else want to see James Wan take on Constantine?

The Constantine TV show did have some horror aspect to it and James Wan is great at those. I would like to see him do a live action Constantine movie. I think he would do great!


Continuing the to show where it left off or just starting a new chapter would be fine with me.


I think I would rather a continuation of the television series instead of a movie. It just worked so well that way and I cant understand why it was ever canceled in the first place.


True but James Wan is mostly proven under the movie industry. Besides Constantine is already in Legends of Tomorrow. It would be great to have the Constantine TV series back too.

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it mostly got cancelled because no one in our demographic cares about nbc lol

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True, lol

Matt Ryan is a great Constantine and deserves better than what David Goyer and that CW dreck have him.

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I’m just about to finish Constantine as I make my way through the Arrowverse - yes, way after the fact - and I love Matt Ryan’s portrayal and the tone of this show. I am sad to only have two episodes left but, as is often said at funerals, don’t be sad it’s gone - be happy that it existed.

I’d love a relaunch but know that’s unlikely. I am very much looking forward to Justice League Dark on HBO Max.

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