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Just finished the one and only season and why, oh, why was this ever cancelled? It’s great! Dare I say better than anything else out right now. The 90’s monster-of-the-week angle feels refreshing and makes every episode feel like a mini movie. Regardless, Matt Ryan is John Constantine and I’m glad the character was resurrected in modern media. Looking forwards to all the new Justice League Dark stuff coming out and maybe this can lead to a new Constantine show? wink WINK


Poor ratings and no consideration for Live+ viewing.


It didn’t really fit NBC’s target audience or program line up at the time which was mostly police procedural shows and reality TV. Although NBC was airing Grimm at the time, that show was basically a police show with some supernatural elements added.


Great show, unfortunately just not one of those characters who draws in mainstream audiences. Luckily, he’s found a home in the Arrowverse and may be better suited/get another chance on subscription platforms like DC Universe or HBO Max depending on how they do financially over next year or two.


Out of curiosity, did they ever resolve the ending for this show? It was left on a cliffhanger, was it ever addressed in Legends of Tomorrow? I personally think that this show should be revived on DC Universe. I think it would fit perfectly on here. I also keep hoping for news that they’ll be bringing Swamp Thing back for a second season though, so…I have a feeling I"m just going to be disappointed all around lol.


The character of Constantine from the 2014 series has lived on in the Arrowverse through Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, but his storylines to date have never directly addressed Manny’s exposure as the leader of the Brujeria or what happened to his friends from that time in his life.

We did just see Astra make a return, though, so who knows what might happen before LoT ultimately finishes its broadcast run.


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I love Matt Ryan’s depiction of Johnny boy here. I admit, I was really excited to see him included in the Arrowverse, and at first, he worked well.

But John himself has said he doesn’t really fit into the “whole cape and cowl set”, and it’s become very apparent. Matt is brilliant with what they’ve given him, but the goofy tone Legends has simply doesn’t fit the character, it becomes even more jarring when Matt tries to play him seriously, as befits the character. He’s just so out of place.

It could have been an amazing merger. There was so much unfinished plot in this single season that Legends could have run with that ball for multiple years. But they chose to camp it up and turn most of their characters into jokes.

And poor John is caught dead center.


When you have a lighter-toned show like Legends, you kind of need someone to be a somber counterpoint, and there really isn’t a better fit for that than Constantine (IMO).


This show suffered from lack of marketing to the correct audiences. As another posted before, it doesn’t fit NBC’s target audience. Likewise the show’s audience doesn’t watch a lot of NBC shows. I’ve loved the Constantine comics since I was a teenager, and I loved this show. But I didn’t find out about it u til after they decided to cancel it.

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There’s a script for a fourteenth episode “Final Girl”.

Yeah, it’s a shame there was only one season. I just got caught up with Harley Quinn earlier today and am browsing around for what to watch next and I think I might give Constantine a rewatch. And then be sad all over again that it ended too soon.

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@DarlingClementine welcome to the community. It is a great show. If you haven’t seen it maybe give Human Target a try. It’s a really good show.

If you watch Constantine, you should go into it knowing that the series is directly connected to the Arrowverse even though it doesn’t reference any of the other ‘core’ series in that continuity.

Thanks for the welcome and the recommendation. I’ve looked it up and it does sound interesting. Going to add it to my watch list.

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I agree, there was a lack of marketing, but also it was in a horrible time slot for the target audience they wanted to reach. They were targeting the 18-34 age group, but had it on Friday nights at 9pm. Most 18-34 year olds are not going to be sitting at home on a Friday night. I think it would have done better on a Monday-Thursday night. I might be wrong though, what do I know about TV marketing lol.

Swamp Thing And Constatine axed after one season… Considering their origins…I feel it’s cosmic destiny to get these two shows back as 1 united show. It can be the Swamp Thing Hellblazer show…instead of Abby constantly fawning over Alec, John and Swamp THing could leave for a while, go on some adventures, have some hijinks together, meet Zatanna, come back to Marais, etc…


It really does stink that in the Devil’s Vinyl episode they had to swap out the Sex Pistols for a different song; I understand that there was probably a rights issue but in the beginning of the episode, Constantine was discussing why he loved the Pistols so losing that payoff at the end kind of ruined the moment a tad.

Same bruh

Wow you totally blew my mind. It would all make too much sense.