Constantine/Supernatural Crossover?

Do you want to see a Supernatural crossover with constantine? And if yes in what form? As comic or episode on Supernatural?

With Season 15 being Supernatural’s last season I doubt we will ever get to see a on screen crossover. Maybe a comic book cross over would be fun though, Gabriel could zap The Winchesters into the DC universe and have an adventure with Constantine or Swamp Thing or Zatanna. Imagine the Supernatural boys teaming up with the Justice League Dark, that would be so epic!


Forgive me for not being a Supernatural fan, nothing against it at all, I just never got into it. But if we ever do get a new Constantine show, I don’t want it to be a compromise with another property. I want a bunch of DC magic users in a show together. They can gather around a table playing poker and drinking for all I care, I just want it.

I find it intriguing I would like to see on TV but unfortunately supernatural is ending this season

Comic book would be good too