Constantine move

Anyone know if Constantine: City of Demons is coming to the DCU app? It is a DCU movie.

I’m unsure if it’ll be coming to the app, but I’ll definitely make the team aware of your hoping it does :slight_smile:

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Underrated movie imo. I kinda see it as an interesting elseworlds where John is American.

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I’m pretty sure that most of the “DC Animated Movie Universe” titles are either currently available on the service or have been available previously, so I can’t foresee a reason why City of Demons wouldn’t end up on the service as well at some point.

The CW Seed app had the beginning, and has recently added a second part. However, I don’t know if the second part is the rest of the movie.

City of Demons, unlike it’s DCAMU brethren, existed first as a series of Webisodes, and the film is simply said Webisodes edited together to form a single feature.

The project was originally created specifically for the CW Seed streaming service, and was announced as being - and intended to be - a part of the Arrowverse; however, it ultimately “morphed” into being an offshoot of the DCAMU feature “Justice League Dark”.

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