Connected Content Week 2 Primer

Heading into this week I want to give a reminder of who the characters are.

  1. Captain Marvel: Billy Batson
    Has to say Shazam to become powered
    Billy is alone. Makes money as an undercover bad guy and Radio host
  2. Mary Marvel: Mary Bromfield (Sister)
    Says Shazam to be powered
    Mary is an innocent little girl who was adopted by a wealthy family.
  3. Captain Marvel Jr. : Freddy Freeman (Friend)
    Says Captain Marvel to become powered
    A boy who had everything. Smart, Athletic, and Popular. Captain Nazi disabled him and killed his
    So who is the most interesting. I would say Captain Marvel Jr. Because when he’s human, he’s basically no one but a dream of what he used to be. I look forward to watching his ego change.

This week we are reading Power of Shazam! #9-16