Connected Content Series 1 Week 1 Discussion Power of Shazam #1-8

Connected Content Week 1
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Well, a lot has changed since New Beginnings include the fact that the story is no longer canon. The origin of Shazam!’s power actually begins in a graphic novel called Shazam! Power of Hope which later spawned the ongoing. That comic did a lot of things, but I have a post called Week 1 Primer which you can read here!

Week 0 discussion with Shazam: New Beginnings Mini-series acts as an origin story although a different origin story from this series. You can read up on that origin story in the Primer above. Week 0’s selection is down below

Without further ado, here are possible discussion questions and my thoughts on the issues!

Power of Shazam #1
It’s been roughly 4 years and Billy’s changed a lot as of late. He’s still a young kid but he has more responsibilities and struggles to even arrive to school on time. This is a very spier-man esque down on his luck thing. The wizard takes away his powers because he’s selfish with his powers.

  1. Do you agree with the Wizards choice?
  2. Is there a character who plays a similar role as Billy’s Uncle in The New Beginnings?

Power of Shazam #2
Stripped of his powers, Billy does his best to keep everyone alive going so far as to take charge of the adults to keep everyone safe. This confidence even as a boy is inspiring and unique.

  1. What makes Billy a hero?
  2. Does his newer uncle takin’ credit for saving everyone evidence to the above question or proof against?
  3. Can Billy be treated fairly ever?

Power of Shazam #3
Billy is a kid who has to do the jobs of an adult like paying for rent. Sounds like early spider-man. On top of that, family becomes a bigger and bigger role to Billy again. The wizard also fights some big menacing figures reminiscent of Strange Tales with big wacky monsters and weird trippy colors.
6. Is Billy DC’s response to Spider-man or is someone else?
7. Billy meets his sister but doesn’t know its her. What character is the most familial to billy so far?

Power of Shazam #4
Billies secret identity comes out to his sister and the loving Janitor in the same issue. Both reveals are important but more importantly is the development of the hysterical talking doll and Mary Marvel.
8. Which reveal is more enjoyable and which is more important?
9. Is Mary compelling yet?

Power of Shazam #5
Family in this series is incredibly important especially to Billy. Mary Marvel has a family, while Billy wants a family but has no one. Tawny gets more love as a fairy godmother (godpet?) to Mary.

  1. Is Mary’s situation interesting or too I’m a lost woman who doesn’t know what to do\

Power of Shazam #6
The kid who has everything Freddy Freeman suffers terribly at the hands of Captain Nazi. Losing his grandfather and more. Billy meanwhile shows how he can be a hero without being Captain Marvel again.

  1. Who had the better better life at the beginning of the issue Billy or Freddy? At the end?
  2. Is Billy or Captain Marvel the better hero?

Power of Shazam #7
Captain Marvel Jr. is introduced. This time a crippled boy who gets his powers by saying Captain Marvel. Freddy will be better off even more so than Billy as the superpowered version of himself.

  1. He’s also a boy over a man when he transforms. Is this fitting of Freddy’s desires?
  2. Who’s costume is better Captain Marvel Jr. or Captain Marvel or Mary Marvel?

Power of Shazam #8
The story of Captain Nazi and more tragic news for Freddy. This story nicely wraps up the Captain Nazi arc while preparing for the Black Adam arc. Now that the arc is over. Is Captain Nazi a good villain.

  1. Is there anything compelling about him? Or is he just a villain with a lost dream.
  2. What makes Freddy compeling. Is it his tragic life or is there something more?
  3. Who’s better Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel Jr.

Next week we will read The Power of Shazam #9-16. Unfortunately we are moving this fast, to finish before the Shazam! Movie. If this is too fast for you, take your time and add your thoughts as the series progresses.
There will be some sort of primer for week 2. Haven’t decided what yet though. Maybe a summary or an update on the tie-in/ related to comics referenced in the series.

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