Congratulations to the DCYou top 10!

I am late with this, but I am behind and just saw they showed the top 10 placed winners in the DC You competition. So I just wanted to congradulate them if any of them are also on the forum. I can’t wait to see what comes from that.


I am also late because I had no idea they had chosen the top 10 or there was any sort of announcement. Congrats to the winners at this stage! I’m looking forward to seeing what they pitched.


Saw the happenings on DC Daily and DC Universe has a cool special on DCYou. But I just saw this post. Didn’t know we could congratulate our fellow fans on DCU.
So if you’re out there Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the cool pitches.

I’ll join this movement. I watched all the DC daily’s they had on there this morning. Idk either, but congrats. I was sitting on the edge of my seat during Andrea Romano’s interview. She’s one of my biggest heroes. I jumped on that post a question thread as soon as it went up & posted a compliment & a question. They didn’t even mention making a compliment. So I said I listed her as top 5 voice actors ever like a yr ago & got 0 likes. I said I know she directs but she does voices too cuz she can do it all. So she says something along the lines of how she loved to do voiceover work on these DC shows & I’m thinking I’m in. The whole conversation was touching on everything I said in my compliment & my question. Then they say we wanna read u some compliments from members of DCU. I’m for sure getting in now. They didn’t mention a word about doing that. So they read em & she’s taking it to the heart, closing eyes & putting hands on her chest. Of course mine doesn’t make it & I’m watching one of my heroes melt on every word of every compliment. So then I get over it & they start the interview. Incredible how perfect the question I asked was fitting into everything their talking about. Stiffed again. I’m sorry to hijack this & whine. I’m super happy for all the winners & people who did get questions asked. I just never win anything. Not a single contest, a single ask a question to whomever. I can’t even get the emails you’re supposed to get when u sign up. I check the box every contest that I wanna receive the latest info etc. Nearing 2yrs as a member, not a single thing. Plus every person I nominated for community hero became one. I didn’t get a single vote from anyone period. I could be way wrong b/c I have missed a few eps. However, every one I have seen the questions were from the community heroes I nominated. I can’t even get notices on the latest DC news. Oh man, I completely apologize I just had to vent. I’m poor, so if I pay for something I just want the bare necessities you’re supposed to be guaranteed. I love this site & everyone on it. The people I nominated deserved my vote. I guess being poor just makes little things like this seem so much more precious. Very happy for the winners tho. I didn’t even enter it & it’s awesome that somebody’s gonna get to see their idea come full circle.