Confusion About Flashpoint

Towards the end of Flashpoint, it is mentioned that the history of heroes was split into three to weaken the DC universe for “their impending arrival”. Who is “their” referring to?

I’m really not sure.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that editorial and forward planning was…hit or miss during the Flashpoint/New 52 era. A lot of things were in flux and changed rather quickly.

In terms of what Geoff Johns was planning, it could have been a hint to the next big DC event that came after, Forever Evil, or “they” could mean “the Watchmen characters” for “Rebirth,” though that’s a stretch. MAYBE it could also mean the Daemonites, since the WIldstorm involvement seemed like it was going to be bigger than it eventually ended up being (going as far as hinting at WildC.A.T.S. character Zealot being on the Justice League team on some promotional art), but that seems even less likely.

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This is the art I’m talking about, look for the woman on the right-hand side above Mera and below Hawkman.

Did it end up being the three cosmic characters that were involved with some big events post-Flashpoint? Pandora, Phantom Stranger, and uhhh a third character. :thinking:

@JayKay I could be wrong but I think that supposed to be Black Canary.

@JayKay That’s interesting. It would have been cool if those characters had been integrated into the New 52 better. However, I think TheDemon Etrigan might be right about it being Black Canary.

I guess I’ll just chalk the whole thing up to DC having no real plan for the New 52

Dr Manhattan, Perpetua, the three Jokers Barbatos and the Dark Multiverse.

Take your pick.

But honestly I think it might have been Geoff Johns sowing the seeds for Dr Manhattan and Doomsday Clock. After all who killed Pandora?

It was supposed to be the Daemonites but that got scuttled when editorial realized that no one actually cares about the Daemonites.

@Jay_Kay I think the woman you’re referring to in that artwork is Pandora. Zealot was in The New 52 but only in Deathstroke I believe.

The woman in the left side of that art is Element Woman. I really wanted to see her blossom more. She was briefly on the Justice League, but was underused. I’d have liked to see her get a one or two and done story, a mini, heck even a one-shot. Johns clearly enjoyed writing her in her various appearances (I think she debuted somewhere in Flashpoint too).