Confusing history of Kandor?

So I’ve been reading Superman and action comics from 2005-2008, the Geoff Johns and Kurt Busiek era.

I’m confused about the bottled city of Kador. In the Braniac storyline we see Superman save the city from Braniac for the first time. However that makes no sense because I remember kandor being around in the DC universe for a long time. It was even in the 52 storyline and I am pretty sure it was in the Superman for tommrow storyarc a few years before.

can anyone explain this to me?

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The Kandor from the New Krypton saga was part of the post-Infinite Crisis timeline aka the New Earth timeline.

Wait so they reset the uninverse again after infinite crisis? Besides bringing back the multiverse and a few characters like red hood and Donna Troy I thought infinite crisis didn’t change the timeline like crisis on infinite earths, flashpoint and zero hour