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Heroes in Crisis has started out crazy. I hate Booster Gold, so the fact yhat character plays a big part in the beginning confuses and bores me. We see all these heroes fallen so easily. Is it Harley? I dont get it… I’m only through #3… idk

This would probably be better in the Comic Books board.

I am not too familiar with Booster, but from Justice League Action, he seems pretty cool.

I also doubt Harley is trying to go back to her life of crime from synopses I have viewed.


I believe Heros in crisis is going for a murder mystery feel so you should be confused… And Booster is awesome


Wanted to let you know I’ve moved this over to the Comic section for you, @jimbo45oc, as the Watchtower area is only for Official Announcements/News :slight_smile:


Ok thanks

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@ragdoll… the murder mystery makes sense