Complete Story Runs

On this service, I have read:

The Atlantis Chronicles
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
Justice Society of America, the Geoff John’s run
Robin: Year One
Aquaman, 2006 run

All of these were complete runs. I guess I haven’t come across any of the incomplete collections yet. Not saying they’re not there. Everyone has a right to their opinion and a right to express that on here. I wanted to express mine as well. I love every bit of this service. I have been completely satisfied with the comic selection here and know that it continues to grow. I collect comics, but not every single one. I have almost every major event graphic novel for the DC Universe. Plus a lot of Batman and Justice League. It’s been awesome to read a lot of the other solo stuff. Thank you DC Universe!

I agree but I also feel like the complete comic runs are for more dated material. I’m not sure why Justice League Dark from 2011 doesn’t have the complete run for example.

I fully understand this isn’t supposed to replace buying newer comics but I would like a bigger list of older complete runs.

Maybe they are going to rotate them as I once read but would be nice to know what’s being rotated in and out each month if that’s the case.

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Completely understandable. As for announcements on rotating titles, check the Watchtower thread “coming and leaving soon”.

JSA is nowhere near complete. It has the first two trades worth of issues, though.