Complete Issue Summaries/Cliff Notes?

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find complete issue summaries or “cliff notes” on comic books? I know there is Wikipedia that does some summaries but I’m looking more for the issue summaries.

I’ve been reading a lot of 1990s comics and it would really help if I could read some quick summaries instead of having to read every single book. Thanks!


Hey @fishin4bass.66054, you could try Mike’s Amazing World of Comics. I use it a lot when I’m checking on individual issues. It’s really helpful.

Mike's Amazing World of Comics

It has info on individual comics that includes synopses, creator credits, and more.

It also has a covers gallery so you can check on individual issues you may be looking for.

Hope this helps.


I use DC Database.


Yeah, DC Database has a lot of issue summaries for quite a few issues. There are some gaps, but those are some lesser known issues.


Thanks do they include spoilers