Complete! FINALLY!

After many, many, MANY hunt and finds, FINALLY completed my 2nd favorite storyline in floppies. My favorite personal pastime has always been to complete collections, and 52 has always been one of them

I never thought I’d find! Weeks 11 and 48 seemed to be the hardest for me to find, finally found a couple small comic shops online that had these two. Which is your favorite storylines you’re currently hunting for? Just finished “Cry of Justice,” (my 1st favorite, if you’re interested!), gonna try and do Blackest Night next (including ALL tie-ins!). Let me know, and happy hunting!!


Congratulations! 52 is one hell of a great read.


That is so cool! I’ve been reading and collecting comics for over 50 years, and there’s nothing like completing a “run”. When you plug in that missing issue and complete the circle, well, to paraphrase The Bard, “…the search is the thing. wherein I’ll fill the gap in my ring”. Pay me no nevermind @dieboyandy and keep hunting.




that is awesome! I’m glad you could complete this part of your collection! gotta love 52. I get ya when you say you like to complete collections, there is something so satisfying about it. at the moment, I’m not collecting any story lines, but have been considering starting to look for some. I am currently working on beefing up my Elongated man collection ( favorite character!).

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Congrats! What a great storyline