Companions, Volumes, or Omnibus?

When collecting your favorite stories or events outside of the single issues, what do you prefer to have? I personally despise companion pieces. For huge events I like Omnibus, but for semi big events I like Volumes. What about you guys?

i like volumes. there easier to buy one at a time then the expensive omnibus. but if i had more money i would prob do omnibus’s more often

Depends on the material, but I usually stick with volumes/regular editions. For things I really enjoy I’ll buy every release. Over time I’ve bought every release of Hush.

Omnibuses for me because I prefer to collect all or, at least, as many comic book issues in a single collection.

I refuse to buy Crisis on Infinite Earths because it was only the regular 12 issues. Saw Dc was rolling out some companion books and almost bought them. But decided against it

I have thought about getting either the deluxe edition or standard edition of Crisis on Infinite Earths, but I have not done enough research on them to decide. Plus, I still am collecting Golden-Bronze Age Omnibuses, so I will wait until I have all of those I want.

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