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Happy DCUI Anniversary @Aquaman!

I’m so stoked that you’re a part of this community, and that you bring SUCH a passion for Aquaman and his universe. How are you feeling about the upcoming movie? What are your favorite Aquaman reads?

I think it’d be awesome if DC started recognizing more heroes’ birthdays. I unfortunately don’t have the power to make it happen singlehandedly, but it would be amazing to see! I love that the comic shop was so eager to make it happen. :00_aquaman:


Hello @Jitsu,
My favorite Aquaman story has to be ‘The Trench’ I’m not a fan of 52 series, so when I read the Aquaman comic, at first I thought I was reading Rebirth and soon realized my mistake, Aquaman 52 series by Geoff Johns and boy that was good, it reminded me of Aquaman movie.
As for TV Series, love ‘Fish Story’ from Superman the animated series & ‘Aquaman’s Outrageous Adventures’ from Batman The Brave and The Bold. :grinning:

As for Star Trek, if you really want to get into the series, I’d recommend Strange New Worlds or The Next Generation, they’re both great in their own ways. :slightly_smiling_face:



Right now I’m reading The 3 Jokers, really good so far! :joker_hv_1: :joker_ewhqtas: :clown_face:


I’m excited about the movie, especially with the inclusion of Koryak into the backstory (maybe he gets resurrected, as he did during the Peter David run). Koryak was introduced in Atlatis Chronicles, which was my comic book introduction into the world of Aquaman. Koryak was such an important character in the lore of 90s Aquaman, it is precisely why Atlanteans left newborns born with yellow hair in the deep sea to die. It was considered bad luck, it was known as the curse of Koryak. I am nervous for Aquababy, though :grimacing:

I love so many Aquaman stories, its hard to pick favorites. But if I had to pick a top 3 it would be the Peter David run (Atlantis Chronicles, Time and Tide, and the proper run), Geoff Johns run, and Dan Abnett run. I will add that the Geoff Johns run is probably the most perfect run of all time, there is not a single bad arc.

The Trench - great
The Others - amazing
Throne of Atlantis - legendary
Death of a King - epic

Honorable mention goes to the Steve Skeates run as well



@Jitsu thanks for trying but the help center doesn’t seem to help, there isn’t anything for possibly missing shows


So, a couple times in the Superboy: Man of Tomorrow series, we had a feature called Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling solicited as a backup feature. But the series just wrapped, and we never saw it. What happened?


Hello @Jitsu :batman_hv_1:,
It’s your friendly neighborhood Lincolnfan78, hope you’re doing well. Last Tuesday I’ve read all 3 books of The 3 Jokers in 1 day! It was my first time reading it, and the first Black Label series I’ve ever read, I don’t want to spoil too much, it was very interesting and a bit bizarre, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for both Batgirl & mostly Red Hood.
Have you and @Stoic_Jester ever read the book? If not, you might like it.
I have to say Geoff Johns is now my top 3 favorite DC Comic Writer along with Chuck Dixon & Ty Templeton. :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more comics, hope you have a great evening. :grinning:




This wasn’t going to be my topic of interest for Trivia Corner this week, but I admit, a comment you made last week to Lincolnfan78 about Star Trek, made me second guess that. As an original Trekkie from waaaay back, I could spend hours trying to turn you on to that universe. Instead, I’ll revise what Lincolnfan78 suggested, somewhat. :slightly_smiling_face: Beginning with the fact that DC held the license to publish comics material, based on the Star Trek franchise from 1984 -'96. And boy, did they ever! You might want to acquaint yourself with some of those. The trouble with starting a Star Trek “dive,” is that one should rightfully begin with the original run. Gene Roddenberry’s Wagon Train to the stars (as he sold it to the execs at Paramount Studios) back in it’s conceptual days. Before you meet any of the alternate universe versions of Kirk, Spock and the rest, I’d get to know the originals first.

DC’s last sojourn into the now legendary world of original Trek was in a inter-company crossover with IDW. Two mini-series from 2016 & '17 put the Enterprise crew (from the J.J. Abrams films) together with the Green Lantern Corp, in some rollicking, universe shaking adventures. Before that, a 2013 four issue mini (again w/IDW) brought the OG TV crew from the series, into the world of the Legion. Fun and fascinating stories (w/apologies to Mr. Spock). But, it helps if you know who the players are, and where they came from. Abrams Trek, is not Roddenberry’s, although based on the same characters. Likewise, those of Strange New Worlds (which I do enjoy). More so, because I saw their " original blueprints." I know where they came from. It’s not necessary to enjoy the series, of course, but it adds a foundational layer (a basement full of trivia, if you like) that adds to one’s overall enjoyment.

My only suggestion is, that since the original series is available to you (in any number of formats), that it should be your starting point. You, have the freedom to pick 'n chose what to see, and when to see it. As such, you can watch Kirk’s original pilot episode, first. As opposed to being #3, as determined by the Network, back in 1966. " Where No Man Has Gone Before " was not only the 2nd pilot, but introduced an entirely new cast from the first one (with the exception of Spock). In it, the ship’s doctor is Mark Piper, and played by veteran actor, Paul Fix, in his one and only appearance in the role. You’ll need to check out " the Menagerie," which includes most of the original pilot from " the Cage," to see other cast changes… and is the series only 2 part story. That, and " City on the Edge of Forever," are Star Trek at it’s finest.

But then again, you may be a die-hard Star Wars fan for all I know. :grinning: Kidding! Even if true, that should in no way affect an open-minded individual from enjoying both. Which sir, I truly believe you to be.

Well, 'til Steve Austin meets the Terminator … have a great night!


I have not but I will make sure check it out! Thank you for the suggestion.

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