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@Jitsu, why is the community moving?


How will you know we’re og members?


Expressing thoughtful critique is not negative. :+1:

Lots to agree with.



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From something more individualized and unique to something lost in an indistinguishable stew. Why does hard work/innovation often take a backseat to ease/bland uniformity?

Growing the brand and fan experience hasn’t been a goal for the current regime, but farming out the last vestige of what DCU used to be, does nothing to refute all the management boilerplate responses that avoids addressing why effort wasn’t made to try and grow and improve this space with new features and interactivity.

As it was mentioned in the announcement thread, this move is another in a history of corporate spaces created on a third party service.

Were any of the indicated additions or improvements, that was supposed to usher in the new era of this Community once the change to dcui and the loss of the previous crew, even attempted in good faith?

Seems like the fans once again are taking the brunt of things that were never delivered, and replaced with something less special and much easier; with it the rewards exclusively for the management.


Will there be a censor for strong language in the Discord?


yeah Im wondering the same


Will this community still be free to use when it moves to discord?


Also I am part of the DC Fan Art Club.
I’m not familiar with discord. Can you upload pictures as we would share our artwork.


Discord seems to be the topic of the day, right now. Hmmm, I wonder why. But that’s all weeks away, and will arrive soon enough! And while I certainly respect all the concerns above (voiced thus far), what would the evening be, without another trip down memory lane. :slightly_smiling_face: Ergo, let’s see what’s in the ole’ treasure chest, tonite!. :upside_down_face:

Trivia Corner examines another television program from the Fabulous 50s. As this troubled world of ours, had me looking for a more comforting and peaceful time, from my childhood. YouTube provided a fine example of a show (ahead of it’s time), called Broken Arrow. It was based on a 1950 movie of the same name, which starred Jimmy Stewart and Jeff Chandler. The movie itself, was based on a book by Elliot Arnold, which in turn was based on real people and events of the American Southwest, of the 1870s. It involved two men, of vision and bravery. In a time when such qualities were badly needed. One white, an Indian Agent named Tom Jeffords. The other, a full blood Chiricahua Apache chief called Cochise. The original 1956 TV pilot (which starred Ricardo Mantalban) adapted the movie, as did the series, into it’s opening episodes. After that, the stories were new material, which clung to the original theme of brotherhood and partnership. The series leads were John Lupton (a journeymen actor, with Stewart’s “everyman” qualities about him), and Michael Ansara as Cochise. As was the Hollywood way back then, and even to a lesser degree today (can you say Johnny Depp, Kemo Sabe?), both Chandler (Jewish) and Ansara (Syrian born) were other than the Native Americans they played on screen. Ansara would continue to play such roles. Like Henry Silva (born of Sicllian and Spanish parents), their unique appearance would always bookmark them for just about any ethnic roles that came their way. But, I digress.

Broken Arrow, seems a very timely series to look at right now. Unfortunately the movie (which received high praise indeed for it’s rarely seen, balanced portrayal of Native Americans on screen), is best remembered, only as a footnote in cinematic history. The film (like the series to a lesser degree), was openly critical of broken treaties, racism and genocide, in the name of progress. Attitudes and beliefs that are still with us today. A meager attempt by the entertainment industry, to show that relationships between people of different races and cultures, based on truth, honesty and fairness across the board, need not wither and die, on the vine. What the Lone Ranger & Tonto attempted to do and show, impressionable young minds, Broken Arrow aimed at an older and wider audience. Yet, for all it’s best efforts, it only lasted two seasons.

Broken Arrow tried to be as fair as studio heads and times would allow. Still, white men were usually shown as the heavies for the same reasons they appeared so, on other westerns. Always looking to “game the system” for profit or political advantage. Some things, never change The Indians weren’t shown to be perfect either, mind you. But overall, a lot more honorable. Fact: from 1778 to 1871, the U.S. government entered into more than 500 treaties with Native American tribes. At one time or another, ALL HAVE BEEN VIOLATED OR BROKEN outright, by our government. The discovery of gold in South Dakota (known more for the town of Deadwood, and the murder of Wild Bill Hickok), a standout treaty breaker. Kinda reminds me of those “40 acres and a mule” General Sherman promised to freed slave families back in January of 1865. But again, I digress.

In a throwback to last week’s post on crossovers, Ansara’s follow-up series, entitled Law of the Plainsman, began surprisingly as a character first introduced on a 1959 episode of the Rifleman, titled " the Indian." He proved popular enough, that writers brought him back for a second one. That in turn spun off into the Plainsman. Ansara was married to I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden for over 15 years. And among his more memorable roles, he made a great Klingon on Star Trek. Ya know, considering that Pow-Wow Smith had been around in the DCU for a good 10 years before Indian lawman Sam Buckhart ever appeared, kinda makes me wonder if nahhh, probably just coincidence. That’s a wrap buys 'n girls. Catch you all next week. :cowboy_hat_face:


I seem to remember a fighter jet pilot movie with the name Broken Arrow from the mid to late 90s, I believe. I never actually saw the movie, but I remember seeing the trailers on television all the time when it was coming out. Was there any relation between these movies/tv series, or was the name the only relation?


This is fantastic to hear! I just got the prequel book in today, and I’m soo excited to jump into it. Looking forward to hearing your review!


That’s the hope! Our wonderful mods are assigned to several projects, but I’m hoping that most of them can continue on this one. They’re an awesome team.


No need to preface with this–I’m glad you’re communicating how you feel here!

While I do think that’s a fair observation. Yes–you’re right that this does effect the DC Community as a whole. But what I would encourage you to consider is that the DC Community exists in thousands of other places around the world, outside of this site. This wonderful community site is only a very small portion of the DC Community as a whole–moving to Discord impacts the whole DC Community, because it allows us to welcome the whole DC Community. This site is only available in certain countries, and unfortunately would have probably struggled to even process/manage all of the DC fans in the world. So I’d really encourage you to remember that while this site is an awesome piece of the DC Community, it is not all of the DC Community.

While I understand it might feel that way–remember that the site will be closed in almost 3 months. Personally, I feel that a full quarter of the year is very fair heads up.

Again, no worries at all. I know this change is challenging–I respect that entirely. Please know that I appreciate you being so honest and communicative with your feelings about this.


Hello hello! I appreciate you being here! Luckily you have almost 3 full months to learn the ropes again, so take your time easing back into the platform.

Now…let’s hear those questions!

Yes, confirmed! Riddler Wednesday will continue on Discord! (You don’t suck by the way!)

Hmm–I believe this is done through the settings menu in DCUI. But as far as giveaways are concerned, if you win a giveaway, we’ll just reach out and ask you for your updated address.

Absolutely–we’ll have a DC Fanworks channel, and probably a few other channels where sharing/showing off creative work is encouraged. Downloading/uploading pictures is just as easy in Discord as is it here!

Yep! Easy as pie.

We’re still working out those details, but it should be in the first half of the month. Once that date is confirmed, I’ll let everyone know!

It might have a different name, but yes–there will be places to hang out with DC Community friends and shoot the breeze with your friends.

This is a good question, and a big one! Here’s the deal with clubs: we’re looking at bringing the Club ecosystem back in the first half of 2025. As a small Community Team, our focus right now is making sure that the Discord server is a fun, safe, engaging place to celebrate your love for DC. After the dust has settled from the launch of the server, I want to be able to dedicate as much time and resources as possible to bringing clubs back–I don’t want to rush into setting up clubs without having enough time and energy on making it as good as it can be. It might take a slightly different form on Discord, but it’s super important to me, and it deserves my full attention.

Another good question. I’d ask that everyone respect the boundaries of moderators and other community members–but a good way to do that is just ask them if that’s ok. So if you’re ever not sure, it never hurts to ask!

Absolutely nothing! The DC Shop will definitely remain.


No apology necessary :smiley:.

I love these little poll games! I voted to shake Superman’s hand (kindness always wins) and I voted to join Ted Kord!

Love it! Thanks for shouting out so many awesome folks.

You as well! I appreciate you, and thanks for always being so respectful and kind.


I am very glad to hear it!


You’ve come to the right place!

Same here. This site has been a wonderful home for so many of us for years. There’s definitely joy and friendship in other places online–but social media can definitely be a lot ot handle.

BABYMETAL is awesome. Gimme Chocolate!! has been a favorite of mine for years, and GJ! is my number two!

All good questions! It’s kind of a combination of all of those things…think of it like a big digital hang out spot, with a bunch of different rooms within it. Each of those rooms is dedicated to a specific thing (not unlike this site), but allows users to chat in real-time. Some of the rooms are actually forums (again, not unlike this site), where you can leave posts just like in any message board. Discord also has features like voice channels, video channels, shared activities, and event features (think like a BIG Ted Talk). I think this video does a pretty solid job at breaking it down:

Pretty much! On Discord, badges are referred to as “roles”. These roles are assigned to community members. Some are self-assigned (you can pick your pronouns or your favorite DC Characters, for example), some are assigned by accomplishing different things (hitting a certain number of Riddler Wednesday wins, for example). So, pretty much the same thing as badges, just with some extra sauce.

Membership rankings too! We’ll have something called Titan Tiers which gives you XP based on how much you engage with others in the server–the more you’re hangin out, the more XP you get. When you hit a certain threshold of XP (myyyyystery), you’ll automatically get added to a secret/private Titans Lounge channel. We’ll also have leaderboards for things like Trivia Tuesday!

Community-led clubs will make their return in the first half of next year (see my full explanation in response to RF’s question above!), but the DC Official Book Club will continue on Discord.

I don’t see any issues! The server will exist as a place to celebrate your love for DC, and that sounds like a great celebration.

You can change your server nickname, but I think your picture remains the same–unless you’re a paid Discord subscriber. To be completely clear: Discord is a free platform and requires no payment to use. They do have certain settings (like having a different profile image per server), but none of those will be necessary to access/engage with the DC Official server.

I appreciate you so much! Thanks for the questions, and thanks for giving Discord a shot. Looking forward to migrating with you!


It’s a good question! I shared more in my responses above.


My one concern is that people may be off the site during the summer for one reason or another. Will there be an email or something along those lines to give members on hiatus a heads up?