Community Heroes: Blue and Violet Lantern Corps

I am fairly new here but I was wondering what is required to get one of these lantern corp ( blue or violet) as I’ve seen some members with either violet or blue. Is there a checklist like there is for the clearance levels?


It comes with a steady history of contributing helpful and thoughtful conversations to the community. Those who have a Lantern Corps status work tirelessly to make this forum a better place.

I mean, that’s it for the most part. There’s one member with a Lantern Corps thingie who seems to do nothing but hassle the administrator during Office Hours…


Hi @Grimprovise!

Everything @AlexanderKnox said is completely true - well, in the first paragraph at least. :wink:

For a little more information, please check out our thread “How Does One Become a Community Hero?”


Thanks for the replies! Does that mean it is up to the user to pick if they get Blue or Violet then? Or is that something the admins select?

If someone’s chosen as a community hero, the color of their Lantern Corps is chosen for them. At least that’s how it was for me