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This calendar collects all our DC Universe fan events here, from official shin-digs, to club happenings and one-off gatherings! :partying_face: Everyone is welcome to get the party going. Have an idea for a trivia competition, scavenger hunt, Watch-Along, Book Club, or something else entirely that will bring people together and blow our collective mortal minds? We can’t wait to join!

Follow these instructions to make sure attendees have all the details they need and to make sure the calendar stays pretty. :blush:

  1. First, before you make a calendar event here, create your event with all the details where folks will be participating in the Community Events Category. Doing this ensures you have a destination for the real fun to take place- in the comments!

  2. Note the link of the event you just created in the Community Events Category. You’ll want that for reference in your Calendar entry. Spoiler: You’ll see this in Step 8.

  3. To create your Calendar entry, reply to this topic.

  4. Click the “Calendar” icon in the topic’s menu bar, next to the smiley face. :calendar:

  5. Insert the date and time of your event. Does it go for a couple hours, or a whole week? Friendly tip: Make sure you double check the time zone! You can do this by clicking the “Advanced Mode” button in the lower right.

  6. Include the title of your post below the date and time. Make it as clear and succinct as possible. Some suggestions include “Watch-Along: Batman Beyond” or “DCU Book Club: Green Arrow #51-#61

  7. Include a brief description of the event. For the calendar, this doesn’t have to be as detailed as your Community Events Category post, just enough to give people a sense of what’s going down.

  8. Include the link you noted in Step 2.

:thinking: “Gee, I sure would like to also post my Event in two categories…”

  1. Please avoid cross-posting, as you risk splitting the destinations for people to discuss and participate if you post in two places.

You’re sure to have some questions that the moderator team will be happy to answer. This is a brand new process for us, so we’re open to feedback! The standards will evolve as we break in our dancing shoes.

We can’t wait to see you around the proverbial living room, dance floor, trivia pub, and more!


Birds of Prey :birds_of_prey_club_oracle: Book Club


Definitely gonna be checking BG Year One out. I’ve been seeing this title float around a lot amongst the community.


BYOM Watch-Along Party!

More details coming soon!

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[DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club] Celebration of the Art of Milestone Comics and Characters on DCUI

2021 Meta Madhouse - Post Your Brackets Here

Wonder Woman’s Warriors - Round 1 Voting

Hippolyta’s Heroines - Round 1 Voting

Granny’s Good Girls - Round 1 Voting

Dr. Poison’s Femme Fatales - Round 1 Voting


[Legion Fan Club] Reader Y2 M10 Monster Boy??!!?? 40 Years of Legion for our February selection!

[WoB/RR] Postscript to Robin War

Blue Beetle Golden Age To Today

  • Golden Age: Dan Garrett and Fox Comics

Blue Beetle Ted Kord: Charlton to DC

  • Ted Kord: Charlton to DC

Blue Beetle Ted Kord JLI & Beyond

  • Ted Kord: Justice League & Beyond

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes

  • Jaime Reyes: Comics and Animated


[Superman Fan Club] Y1 Reading 18 Feb 24 21 RA-DI-A-TION NIN-TE-EIGHT!!! Behold these glowing and electrifying examples of Silver and Bronze Age excellence in storytelling: Action #330, DC Comics Presents #16, Superman #352, Jimmy Olsen #7 and Lois Lane #7!!!

[DC Animated Club] Present: Superman The Animated Series


[DC Animated Club] Present Superman The Animated Series Watch Along.

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:eyes:…this lil ol’ thing.

:boom: Meta Madhouse: Throwdown on Themyscira