Community Event Highlights: Week of 9/28

This week we will watch the calendar change from September to October and we all know what October brings. Ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, tricks, and treats will be out in full force. Luckily, only spooky treats can be found here in the DC Universe Community!

So, grab a mug of apple cider and check out all of the spine-tingling events we have in store this week!

Monday, September 28th

Tuesday, September 29th

Wednesday, September 30th

Thursday, October 1st

Friday, October 2nd

Saturday, October 3rd

And if you’re still looking for reading recommendations, join in on one of our Fan Club Discussions:

And there are always new, interesting threads popping up for you to participate and share your love for DC, so plenty to do right here in the Community!

Is there a hangout or event you’d like to participate in, but you’re not seeing it? Let us know in the comments below!


hey PPB! just put in the link for this Thursday’s WAL!

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Added it above for you @ProActress2O!

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Ok! thank you PPB! :green_heart:

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You missed the late night watch along g


Sorry about that @MovieAddict! I’ve added it in :green_heart: :green_heart:


BTW, the “g” was supposed to be a “:” but I type too fast. G kinda works though LOL Thanks again!!!


Sorry for the trouble, but there’s a teeny change in the Teen Titans watch-along.
It’ll start an hour early to give enough time for Aqua’s club trivia.

(It’s also this saturday, not October 3. I can’t count. :zipper_mouth_face:)


Updated the above thread for you, @ReepDaggle!

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