Community Event Highlights: Week of 6/8: Stargirl and Harley Quinn WALs PLUS Tons of Club Events!

ADMIN’S NOTE: As we continue this journey through June, we here at DC Universe continue to bring hope during these times of uncertainty. We have decided to continue to stand in solidarity of Black Lives Matter by postponing certain events this week.

In this way, we are still creating space for reflection and allowing our special guests and hosts to focus on the immediate impact they are making in their own communities. We will continue to support member-driven events, and encourage all of our members to uplift each other during this time.

Monday, June 8th

Tuesday, June 9th

Friday, June 12th

  • WATCH-ALONG!! Harley Quinn S2, E11 Watch-Along! FRIDAY, JUNE 12th @6PM PST/9PM EST More details to come!

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