Community Event Highlights: Week of 6/22: Q&As w/ STARGIRL's Anjelika Washington & Cameron Gellman and April Bowlby of Doom Patrol!

It’s a week of Originals! We’ve got a Premiere and a Finale. We’ve got two Stargirl Q&As with Doctor Mid-Nite herself, Anjelika Washington and Hourman himself, Cameron Gellman! And a Q&A with the one and only April Bowlby, our Rita Farr of Doom Patrol!

And we have Watch-Alongs galore for all of our Originals!

Step right up and check out all the fun this week holds!

Monday, June 22nd

Tuesday, June 23rd

Thursday, June 25th

Friday, June 26th

  • Live Q&A with Cameron Gellman, Hourman of STARGIRL! Fri, 6/26 @11am PT/2pm ET More details to come!
  • WATCH-ALONG!! Harley Quinn S2, E13 Watch-Along! FRIDAY, JUNE 26th @6PM PST/9PM EST More details to come!

Saturday, June 27th

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Is there a hangout or event you’d like to participate in, but you’re not seeing it? Let us know in the comments below!


Wooooo! Can’t wait to participate in the Q&A with April! And Doom Patrol s2 in the same week! :astonished::slight_smile::heart:


Yes, nicely timed lol.