Community Event Highlights: Week of 6/1: Stargirl & Harley Quinn WALs! And Club Events Galore!

ADMIN NOTE: It’s hard to miss that a lot of events are being rescheduled this week- we apologize for any confusion this has caused. We in Community leadership, and leadership across the company, have decided to postpone some select activities, particularly with regards to Blackout Tuesday.

In this way, we are creating space for reflection and allowing our special guests and hosts to focus on the immediate impact they are making in their own communities. We will continue to support member-driven events, and encourage all of our members to uplift each other during this time.

Monday, June 1st:

Tuesday, June 2nd

Wednesday, June 3rd

Thursday, June 4th

Friday, June 5th

And if you’re still looking for reading recommendations, join in on one of our Fan Club Discussions:

So there you have it - all the ways you can hang out and celebrate the first half of the year.

And there are always new, interesting threads popping up for you to participate and share your love for DC, so plenty to do right here in the Community!


When is the Neal Adams link going live?

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Hey DSA, we’re just about to update the topic- the Q&A is being postponed this week, we’ll update the community calendar with more information as details roll in.


That’s alot of rescheduling, sorry to hear about the blackout, hopefully next week is a better week.:slightly_smiling_face:


Same and definitely agree. Hopefully next week will be great! :slight_smile: :robotman_dp:

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