Community Event Highlights: Week of 4/7

Events here, we got your events here! :hotdog::popcorn::tropical_drink:

Lots of them are coming in hot, so keep an eye on our Community Calendar to make sure you don’t miss any updates and even MORE cool clubs not showen here!

This week you’ll find:

Monday, 4/6

Tuesday, 4/7

Wednesday 4/8

Thursday 4/9

Friday 4/10

Saturday 4/11

Sunday 4/12

And if you’re still looking for something else, check out the Fan Club offerings:

That’s a ton of fun right here in the Community! And, if you think that’s a lot, we’re just getting April started!


Tom King?! Now I’m really excited!


Thankyou @DC_Community! It’s so cool to see two of my watch along in pictures for this week!:grinning:

Hey all! Heads up that we’re moving Tom King’s Q&A to Thursday, April 16th at 3pm PT/6pm ET :slight_smile: Will be updating information now!

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