Community Event Highlights: Week of 4/27: Q&As w/Brian Michael Bendis and Todd McFarlane!

We’ve got your next Community Events wrapped in a nice-and-tidy bow :ribbon: for you! Okay, it’s really a thread :thread:, but it’s still nice-and-tidy!

Lots of them are coming in hot, so keep an eye on our Community Calendar to make sure you don’t miss any updates and even MORE cool clubs not shown here!

Monday, April 27th

Tuesday, April 28th

Wednesday, April 29th

Thursday, April 30th

Friday, May 1st

Harley Quinn S2, E5 Watch-Along

Saturday, May 2nd

Sunday, May 3rd

And if you’re still looking for reading recommendations, join in on one of our Fan Club Discussions:

And there you go, all nice-and-tidy, just like we said! And we’ve got so much more coming to you in May, so keep an eye out for next week’s Community Events Highlights! :thread:

Is there a hangout or event you’d like to participate in, but you’re not seeing it? Let us know in the comments below!


Let the good DCU times roll ever on!!!

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