Community Event Highlights: Week of 3/24 ๐Ÿ—“

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We have a whole slew of clubs, Q&As, and Watch-Alongs this week! Be sure to check out our Community Event Calendar to join in the fun.

Every day this week, you can find Hector Navarro and a special guest on the DC Comics Instagram at!

This week youโ€™ll find:

TUES, 3/24
Live Q&A w/ Greg Capullo @ 1pm PT/4pm ET
Trivia Challenge: Meta Madhouse Lex Luthor Masterminds @ 3pm PT/6pm ET

WED, 3/25
Live Q&A w/ Dan Jurgens @1pm PT/4pm ET

THURS, 3/26
Live Q&A w/ Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti @1pm PT/4pm ET

FRI, 3/27
Live Q&A w/ Rob Venditti @1pm PT/4pm ET
Live Watch-Along - DCU Universe All-Star Games Episode 5 @6pm PT/9pm ET

SAT, 3/28
Live Watch-Along - DC TV and Movie Club-Batman: The Animated Series โ€œTwo-Faceโ€ @6pm PT/9pm ET

SUN, 3/29
Live Watch-Along - Green Lantern The Animated Series @5pm PT/8pm ET
Live Watch-Along - World of Wonder Club - Wonder Woman (Series 1975) S1E5 3/29 @ 6PM PT/9PM ET

And all week long, join these rousing Fan Club discussions:

Dick Grayson Fan Club: Brave & The Bold and Teen Titans
DC History Club: Golden Age Robin
Characters of DC: A Round of Robins
JSA Book Club: Flash of Two Worlds
Renegade Robins: Jason Todd Goes Post-Crisis
Arrowverse Couch Club
Green Lantern: The Animated Series Read-Along
Renegade Robins: Damian Wayne, Batman & Robin Reborn
DC Universe Book Club: Green Arrow (2016)
DC Art Connoisseurs: Womenโ€™s History Month


In addition to that whirlwind triumph of triumphant fun, Iโ€™d also like to mention that the DC Universe Superman Book Club will be making its triumphant return this week (on 3/25) with a stop in the triumphantly entertaining Bronze Age.

Stop on by for a triumphantly triumphant time! :smiley: :superman_hv_3:



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