Community Event Highlights: Week of 3/24 🗓

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We have a whole slew of clubs, Q&As, and Watch-Alongs this week! Be sure to check out our Community Event Calendar to join in the fun.

Every day this week, you can find Hector Navarro and a special guest on the DC Comics Instagram at!

This week you’ll find:

TUES, 3/24
Live Q&A w/ Greg Capullo @ 1pm PT/4pm ET
Trivia Challenge: Meta Madhouse Lex Luthor Masterminds @ 3pm PT/6pm ET

WED, 3/25
Live Q&A w/ Dan Jurgens @1pm PT/4pm ET

THURS, 3/26
Live Q&A w/ Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti @1pm PT/4pm ET

FRI, 3/27
Live Q&A w/ Rob Venditti @1pm PT/4pm ET
Live Watch-Along - DCU Universe All-Star Games Episode 5 @6pm PT/9pm ET

SAT, 3/28
Live Watch-Along - DC TV and Movie Club-Batman: The Animated Series “Two-Face” @6pm PT/9pm ET

SUN, 3/29
Live Watch-Along - Green Lantern The Animated Series @5pm PT/8pm ET
Live Watch-Along - World of Wonder Club - Wonder Woman (Series 1975) S1E5 3/29 @ 6PM PT/9PM ET

And all week long, join these rousing Fan Club discussions:

Dick Grayson Fan Club: Brave & The Bold and Teen Titans
DC History Club: Golden Age Robin
Characters of DC: A Round of Robins
JSA Book Club: Flash of Two Worlds
Renegade Robins: Jason Todd Goes Post-Crisis
Arrowverse Couch Club
Green Lantern: The Animated Series Read-Along
Renegade Robins: Damian Wayne, Batman & Robin Reborn
DC Universe Book Club: Green Arrow (2016)
DC Art Connoisseurs: Women’s History Month


In addition to that whirlwind triumph of triumphant fun, I’d also like to mention that the DC Universe Superman Book Club will be making its triumphant return this week (on 3/25) with a stop in the triumphantly entertaining Bronze Age.

Stop on by for a triumphantly triumphant time! :smiley: :superman_hv_3:



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