Community Collage

(Bigger size ! )

The promised (and tardy) collage of everyone’s contributions to the DCU Inktober challenge.

Thanks to all artists:
@biff_pow @_UnderScore @JeepersItsTheJamags @Batwing52 @flinchumroy.3702 @Anonymousbluebeetle @portalman @JohnD3rd @Versias @philipowen23.26632

The challenge took place during the community blackout, and there were a TON of files, so I’m sorry if I missed anything! If I did, feel free to yell at me/post links in the comments.


And because it cut off the number of people I could mention, can’t forget artists @gwg @brandonallred.32290


Hey! Glad my stories could be in there! Sorta…


@Anonymousbluebeetle Should be visible if you click on the link :wink: DCU wouldn’t let me upload at a larger size.

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i am so honored to be included, thank you CP! community hug!

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Thanks for making this! I wish I could have contributed more. It looks fantastic. My compliments to all artists involved.

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@Batwing52 There’s always 2020 :smiley:

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Whoa. That’s awesome. Thanks for putting it together.

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Sure thing! Thanks for sharing your work throughout the month :slight_smile:

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This is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these pieces from our amazingly talented community. It’s so cool to see everyone’s art posted all together. :smiley:

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Ty, @ZatannaAndHerSpells! Can’t believe how many people were dedicated enough to draw for the whole month!