Commissioner James Gordon Movie

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a DC stand-alone movie from the perspective of a person who tries to be a hero and does the right thing, but doesn’t have special powers or a costume, but a normal person like you and me. The title - “ The Commissioner”

It would be!

Say, have you checked out Gotham?

The main character of the live action tv show is James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) who did a phenomenal job. Gordon is a detective who steuggles with balancing the city whilist overcoming his inner demons as well. Unfortunately, it’s not on DC Universe.

Have you seen Batman: Year One?

It’s not live action, it’s a cartoon movie but it is on DC Universe, it’s basically a movie mostly from Gordon’s perspective when he was a lieutenant (before Commissioner).

In case you haven’t seen them yet, this might fill the void!

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The first season of Gotham did exactly what you’re looking for, it’s one of my favorite shows. The later seasons get more crazy, but still very good in my opinion.