ComixRant Fanart: Swamp Thing!

I drew this up while the first season of Swamp Thing was showing on this app. Such a well made show, and I’m really not much of a horror fan. The casting was pretty superb and they took some liberties from the comics, but really got the tone of the show perfect.

That opening title sequence is really great to watch! Some of the plot lines had to sadly be rushed since they cut the season short, so the opening of the DC dark universe seemed rushed, but it was still good to see how they were planning to expand it. Swamp thing looked so great and I really loved it when they threw the Phantom Stranger in there along with Blue Devil!

And I won’t spoil it, but seeing that tease for one of Swamp Thing’s baddies and how great he looked made me squeal with delight. Such a shame it got cancelled, but I am very happy about the excellence of what I got.


Wicked art! And I feel you, the show is so great and its p much the only reason I got this streaming service


Glad you like it! Swamp Thing was your draw to the app, eh? Good pick! It’s a great show. Did you ever read any of the comics before? They have some seriously freaky stories that’ll give you a good scare too.


Afraid I havent read any of his comics yet, unless you can count Justice League Dark, which he’s in. I just started reading that yesterday

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Oh wow! I’m excited for you to start reading the Swamp Thing books!

The Alan Moore/Bissett’s run is a must-read to start off with. Then I’d dive into new 52 ones by Snyder/Paquette and later Soule’s. They all very good, but the new 52 run is dependent on you having some knowledge of the Alan Moore run to really appreciate it.

I was pleasantly surprised how strong the N52 Swamp Thing was, especially since Alan Moore’s run is so legendary. I didn’t think it could be followed up so successfully by not one but two writers.

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