ComixRant Fanart: Release the Snyder Cut!

Sharing some of my art I posted up on Twitter today in support of the Snyder Cut movement. Today was the second year anniversary of Justice League movie and the fans wanted to get awareness of the original director’s cut of it trending.

I was pretty disappointed with the original Joss Whedon version that was released in theaters. I remember first watching it and I went along for the ride and laughed and cheered along with others when it first released. But when I got home to think about it more and evaluate it… the more saddened I gotwith that end product I got.

I’m happy for the people that enjoyed that original cut, but I really would rather watch the version that Zack Snyder intended. I would like to at least be able to have a movie that matched the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman in tone, content, aesthetics and storytelling. The doomsday fight in BvS really left me wanting more and it foreshadowed how awesome a JL team fight could be!

In any case, I wholeheartedly support this movement and would love to see the original version of it all.


I love your art! You did an amazing job! I’d also like to see the Snyder cut and didn’t love the Justice League we got so we’ll see!


Thanks very much! I started doing more DC fan art as a way for me to combat the negativity for the DCEU, especially after BvS. And I feel like if the Snyder cut gets released, it would hopefully be a lesson learned by WB to trust their creative rather than try to catch the lightning in the bottle-ness of the MCU

I came out of the theater after watching JL, kind of trying to be happy with what I got. But after thinking about it and rewatching some of it and just over time, JL just wasn’t good. Then to find out, they actually could’ve had a MUCH better cut finished up by Snyder…!

I remember the hottest comic at that time was Injustice and Snyder was pulling from that and the great classics of DC like Kingdom Come and Crisis and it was just so amazing that he was pushing to get his version of JL done that was so different from what had come before…

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I love the injustice comics partly because it draws in so many characters but also how the dark storyline brought out these interesting sides of the characters. It brought out the best in some and the worst in others and they did it so it made sense.


Yes, exactly! I think as a Superman fan, I was probably the last person in the world to expect Tom Taylor write one of the most compelling versions of him and logically explain how Superman could become this person. And Taylor writes all the characters so spot on to what I picture them to be, it’s frightening how persuasive he is on why they would do certain things or take certain sides. All this from a video game tie-in story I wasn’t expecting anything from. It’s so good, it’s the first time I bought the weekly digital releases to read on my iphone!

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I really want to see injustice made into a movie, animated or live action. If they did it live action it would be so interesting/dynamic/addicting and could be done in a set 1-2 movies so they wouldn’t have to worry about setting up a whole universe. People like the one note, contained stories that are much less effort to watch. You just watch and enjoy. It would be a huge project but so worth it. It’s a great introduction to DC because it has so many characters and makes you want to delve deeper.

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From @TheRyanGeorge:
I can’t keep up with all these wacky rapper names but I also think they should let this Snyder Cut guy out of jail. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

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