Comixology's DC on TV Sale, Ends 10/28

Titans season 2 is in play, we’re on the verge of new seasons from the CW 'Verse (as well as the debut of Batwoman) and Harley Quinn, a DCU Original that’s sure to be a TV-MA spectacular in all the best ways, is on deck.

With that in mind, now’s the perfect time for some comics based on these shows!

This sale features heaps o’ stuff not available on DCU. Some examples being:

-Before Watchmen
-Black Lightning (the original series, whose trades feature content not available in digital single issues)
-Black Lightning (the '90’s series, which isn’t available in full in digital single issues)
-DC Superhero Girls original graphic novels
-Flashpoint Unwrapped
-John Constantine, The Hellblazer

Ah, heck. There’s too much to list here. Go sneak a peek for yourself :slight_smile:



Dang it Vroom! Stop helping Amazon steak my money!

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Does Amazon sell steak?


I think they sell everything at this point.

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@TS I’d think so. Maybe Omaha Steaks at the minimum.

I can’t imagine that of the googagaflibobabillion products they sell, steaks are the one item they shrug and say “Nope!” over.

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