Comixology's "100 Graphic Novels to Read Before You Die!" Sale, Ends 9/24

If you’re looking to read Tom King’s Mister Miracle, Batman: White Knight, Vertigo titles, the Earth One original graphic novels, Batman: The Killing Joke, the Joker OGN or other books not on DCU right now (including trades of material that won’t be here for a long time), this sale is for you!

Titles are up to 85% off, with most coming in at $4.99, or less if you’re a Comixology Unlimited member.

SN: I hope 2.0 gives us an option to resize images.


I love it when they have these kinds of sales! Thanks for the head’s up @Vroom!

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Does Comixology think I’m gonna die? Where did they get that from? Sure, I had four maple cookies after dinner, but come on!


@superby1 No prob Bob.

@msgtv Mmm…maple cookies. Homer drool

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They’re from Aldi, shaped like maple leaves, with a white center and two crispy cookie outsides (like an Oreo) and they taste like maple.

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My recommendation for this sale is Daytripper, which is an incredibly beautiful comic for those who haven’t read it yet.

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@msgtv In addition to tasting all maple-y, I bet they taste like cookie heaven.

@Batwing52 I’ve been meaning to check out Daytripper. It’s one of those “I’ll read it later.” Vertigo books I always put off for one reason or another, year after year.

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